[Dnssec-deployment] Analysis of NASA.GOV DNSSEC Issue 18-Jan-2012

Otmar Lendl ol at bofh.priv.at
Thu Jan 26 16:26:13 EST 2012

On 26.01.2012 19:08, Livingood, Jason wrote:
>> Is this the first case of a big PR fuss over a DNSSEC operational error?
> It was for us, but I have a feeling it will not be the last.

It will not be the last. As I wrote in
all ISPs doing DNSSEC-validation need to prepare for these events.

>> Did it end up being a positive or a negative over all?
> Too early to tell. Started negative, we tried to turn it into a positive.

The timing with the SOPA/PIPA/Megaupload events was pretty unfortunate, but
as we all know, Murphy's law is the only universal constant in the IT-Universe.

It could have been worse. Imagine if this would have been dropbox.com.

Thanks also from my side to the good report on the incident; I'll
definitely will refer/link to this in my next talk on DNSSEC.

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