[Dnssec-deployment] Domain registrars with easy DNSSEC interface?

Steve Crocker steve at shinkuro.com
Tue Jan 17 16:10:49 EST 2012

On Jan 17, 2012, at 7:59 AM, Dan York wrote:

> Do any of you know of any domain name registrars other than GoDaddy and Dyn, Inc. that have web interfaces that make it easy to sign your domain with DNSSEC? (and that then handle all the signing and keys for you?)

We worked with NamesBeyond (http://http://www.namesbeyond.com/), and Dyn to make sure there were at least two registrars capable of taking keying information from registrants.  Both also run DNS service for their customers.  We tested both systems, including the ability to transfer a signed zone from one to the other without losing either registration or validation.

GoDaddy subsequently implemented DNSSEC support, but I don't think they are providing signed operation for their customers yet, but I might not have kept up with their offerings.

> I'm working on a series of step-by-step tutorials on "How To Sign Your Domain With DNSSEC Using _<registrar>_" and so far I've found that GoDaddy and Dyn, Inc, both have nice web interfaces. (GoDaddy's is literally one radio button to turn it on after you purchase their Premium DNS service.)  
> I'm looking for other registrars that offer similar functionality.  Have any of you seen other registrars with a feature like this?
> Thanks,
> Dan
> P.S. Several people have pointed me to GKG.net, but they turn out to only support the addition of DS records.  I'm ideally looking for registrars who just handle the entire DNSSEC operation on behalf of the domain registrant.  My target is more consumers and others who just want to have a secure domain name and don't want to get into setting up their own keys or anything like that.  I'm looking for simplicity.

I believe NamesBeyond and Dyn meet your needs.


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