[Dnssec-deployment] Comcast completes DNSSEC rollout for customers and its own domains

Livingood, Jason Jason_Livingood at cable.comcast.com
Tue Jan 10 14:19:36 EST 2012

Thanks! Our sentiment here is "finally!" since we've been working on this
for nearly 4 years and had more than a few bumps along the way. It's been
a relief to finally finish. :-)


On 1/10/12 1:42 PM, "Michael Sinatra" <michael at rancid.berkeley.edu> wrote:

>On 01/10/12 10:27, Dan York wrote:
>> Very cool DNSSEC news out of Comcast:
>> http://blog.comcast.com/2012/01/comcast-completes-dnssec-deployment.html
>Nice job Jason, et al.!

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