[Dnssec-deployment] Status of ITAR web?

Kim Davies kim.davies at icann.org
Fri Oct 1 12:53:25 EDT 2010

Hi Chris,

On 01/10/2010, at 8:38 AM, Chris Thompson wrote:

> Another oddity observed in the ITAR web pages:
>  https://itar.iana.org/anchors/
> shows 
>  BG 46846 RSA/SHA-1 SHA-1: 1D83F503CCED4A4B6F7F8DB1CF43D38F9133A3EA
>     23 September, 2009 → 01 September, 2010
> i.e. expired. But
>  https://itar.iana.org/anchors/anchors.xml
> still contains that DS info. (Of course, BG now has a real DS in the root
> zone as well, and it is still the same.)

When a TLD lists a trust anchor, they are asked to provide a a publication period and an informational effectivity period. BG nominated the publication period to last beyond their effectivity period (until 2010-12-01 to be precise). The publication period governs the time it is in the ITAR, and the effectivity period is provided for informational purposes (i.e. on the web listing) but does not impact when it is in the ITAR.

Understandably a little confusing, but as ITAR sails off into the sunset, it is unlikely we'll do any significant revisions to the ITAR functionality other than bug fixes.


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