[Dnssec-deployment] Would the TCRs be willing to stand up?

Dave Lawrence tale at dd.org
Wed Jun 9 10:37:27 EDT 2010

Matt Larson writes:
> So, are any of the TCRs willing to come forward ahead of next
> Wednesday's ceremony?

I think I'm pretty much as far removed from the process as you can be
while still technically being part of the process, but sure I'll stand
up.  I am a backup Recovery Key Share Holder.  (As a data point, I'd
applied with a preference for Crypto Officer.)

For those unfamiliar with my background, I am a US citizen living in
Vermont whose career started with working on Usenet at UUNET, moved to
working on INN and BIND9 at the Internet Software Consortium, then on
to Nominum products, and have now been at Akamai for the past 5 years
developing their nameserver.

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