[Dnssec-deployment] Something rotten in the state of itar.iana.org

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Aug 23 11:08:29 EDT 2010


The bad news: type AAAA requests over UDP to the servers for the
VIP.ICANN.ORG zone time out. This doesn't seem to be quite the uaual
brain-damaged load-balancer bug, as types other than AAAA seem to work
OK, and type AAAA requests over TCP give a satisfactory "nodata" response.
(But of course, without a TC response to the UDP request, iterative
resolvers aren't going to try that.) Brain-damaged *firewall*, maybe? 

The much worse news: two IPv4 addresses are (sometimes?) returned for
ITAR.VIP.ICANN.ORG: and The first has the
current ITAR (serial 45), the latter a very old one (serial 33).

I know that Michael Graff has had problems with entries in dlv.isc.org
imported from the ITAR mysteriously reverting to a previous state -
this seems to be a possible explanation for that.

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