[Dnssec-deployment] Dropping IANA ITAR entries [was: KSK rollover in .cz]

Dave Knight dave at knig.ht
Tue Aug 3 17:12:40 EDT 2010

On 2010-08-03, at 4:43 PM, Jay Daley wrote:

> On 4/08/2010, at 4:21 AM, Paul Wouters wrote:
>> It seems it would make sense to no longer allow new entries into ITAR,
> I would suggest there is nothing stopping that happening now.
>> and to close it down when the last zone has been acnhored in the root zone?
> That leaves it open to someone to force the ITAR to remain indefinitely, which could be against the community consensus.  The current plan of checking there is consensus to shutting it down in x days is fine.  Presumably all the existing entries will time out soon enough anyway.

Assuming that no new entries, or modifications to current entries are allowed, the last window of publication end date is 1 November 2012 (.TM) [1] after which time the ITAR would be empty.


[1] https://itar.iana.org/anchors/

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