[Dnssec-deployment] DNSSEC Launched Today by EDUCAUSE and VeriSign

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Mon Aug 2 13:14:40 EDT 2010

Congratulations!  Maybe we will see a repeat of Internet innovation in the form of security applications based on DNSSEC from the academic community. -Rick

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> Hello all -
> I wanted to let you know that DNSSEC is now supported in the .edu
> domain. Please feel free to pass the word!
>   --Becky
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> DNSSEC Launched Today by EDUCAUSE and VeriSign
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> August 2, 2010, Boulder, Colorado--EDUCAUSE and VeriSign announced the
> deployment of a security system known as Domain Name Security
> Extensions (DNSSEC) within the .edu portion of the Internet, which
> EDUCAUSE manages under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department
> of Commerce. Institutions whose domain names end in .edu will now be
> able to utilize digital signatures to mitigate certain DNS security
> vulnerabilities, such as cache poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks.
> The Domain Name System (DNS) is the part of the Internet that
> translates names such as "example.edu" into numeric addresses (for
> example, All Internet applications-from electronic mail
> to online banking-depend on the accuracy and integrity of this
> translation. Over the years, Internet security experts have discovered
> a variety of ways that DNS translation may be compromised. The DNSSEC
> security system limits the problem by allowing owners of domain names
> to use digital signatures to add an extra level of authentication to
> the translation process.
> Deploying DNSSEC for .edu furthers the initiative to enhance domain
> name security throughout the broader scope of the internet. As a
> precursor to deployment, EDUCAUSE and VeriSign hosted a testbed
> environment which allowed end-to-end testing by selected .edu domain
> holders in a non production environment.
> Brian Voss, vice chancellor for IT and CIO at Louisiana State
> University and current chair of the joint EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Higher
> Education Information Security Council, noted, "I am proud that LSU is
> at the forefront of this exciting development and that our
> contributions and efforts as a testbed for .edu deployment have laid a
> foundation for the ubiquitous adoption of DNSSEC, so that the research
> and education community can eventually realize its full value," Voss
> also added, "DNSSEC represents an evolution in Internet reliability and
> security, and I know that my CIO colleagues recognize that our
> university communities expect our networks to be secure, and improving
> the security of our root Domain Name System through cryptography is
> something we all will embrace."
> EDUCAUSE President and CEO Diana Oblinger said, "EDUCAUSE has
> appreciated the opportunity to work with VeriSign and the U.S.
> Department of Commerce to advance the security and integrity of the
> Internet through early testing and deployment of DNSSEC. Dating from
> the creation of ARPANET through the present day, the higher education
> technology community has played a leading role in the development of
> the Internet as a platform for learning, discovery, and engagement. We
> have been happy to continue that role by being a lead partner in the
> launch of DNSSEC."
> Pat Kane, vice president of VeriSign, stated, "VeriSign's partnership
> with EDUCAUSE to test and deploy DNSSEC in the .edu domain demonstrates
> our ongoing commitment to a secure Internet infrastructure. VeriSign
> appreciates the close collaboration with EDUCAUSE and the U.S.
> Department of Commerce that allowed for success with this process and
> the opportunity to generate lessons learned which we are actively
> sharing with other domain registrars, thereby enhancing overall
> Internet security."
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