[dnssec-deployment] Plans to sign arpa, in-addr.arpa, ip6.arpa?

Ralf Weber denic at eng.colt.net
Sun Nov 8 11:35:51 EST 2009

On 07.11.2009, at 23:07, Joe Abley wrote:

> On 2009-11-06, at 21:42, Chris Thompson wrote:
>> Maybe I've missed something, but among all the ICANN/Verisign  
>> descriptions
>> of the planned schedule for signing the root zone, there doesn't  
>> seem to
>> be any mention of "arpa", "in-addr.arpa" (both served from the root  
>> servers)
>> or "ip6.arpa" (not so served, but owned by ICANN).
> You're right that the work to sign the root zone has not included  
> direct treatment of the work required to sign ARPA, IN-ADDR.ARPA and  
> Work continues amongst the various involved orgnisations on  
> arranging for ARPA, IN-ADDR.ARPA and IP6.ARPA to be signed. The  
> operational community should expect to hear details just as soon as  
> there are details to be shared.
While I fully anticipate that root signing and .arpa signing are  
different projects, I can not understand while there has been no, at  
least no visible progress on the .arpa signing for years now. RFC2870  
and RFC3172 suggest that the name server set for .arpa should change  
from the root servers to a dedicated set, which IMHO is a pre- 
requesite for signing .arpa, as it otherwise signing would impact root  
server operations.

Of course now that we have a date for a signed root, one could also  
wait to have the root signed and then after that happens also sign  
arpa as the impact of signing will hopefully be understood by then.  
Can you maybe elaborate which way you want to take.

So long
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