[dnssec-deployment] Plans to sign arpa, in-addr.arpa, ip6.arpa?

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Sat Nov 7 18:37:43 EST 2009

On 2009-11-08, at 08:22, Kevin Oberman wrote:

> Obvious issues: How big is the zone?

Obvious answer :-)

   dig @f.root-servers.net arpa. axfr

> I don't think prohibition is a good thing. I do think that
> consolidating multiple domains into a single zone should not be  
> rejected
> out of hand or mandated and, since all of .arpa (as far as I know) is
> handled by ICANN, it probably should be a mostly internal issue,  
> though
> the impact on external entities like RIRs and local DNS admins should
> be taken into consideration.

Again, read RFC 3172. It's not an ICANN decision.


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