Publication of ENISA Deliverable on "Resilience Features of IPv6, DNSSEC and MPLS and Deployment Scenarios"

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I got the following announcement today about a report ENISA has
published. It might be of interest for the crowd on this list.



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Dear NIS Stakeholder,

In the process of evaluating the impact that IPv6, DNSSEC and MPLS
would have on the resilience of public eCommunication networks,
ENISA has published the deliverable "Resilience Features of IPv6,
DNSSEC and MPLS and Deployment Scenarios". It is available to
download from here:

This is the first deliverable of this evaluation, while the deliverable
to follow will be the analysis of the stocktaking activity on how
the network operators perceive the effectiveness of these technologies.

The three technologies have been identified as promising to ensure
the stability and integrity of public communications networks during
the workshop "Resilience of Public Communication Networks and
Services", organised by theAgency on March, 2008 and the advice of
the ENISA Permanent Stakeholders' Group (PSG).

This study, was also presented in the workshop "Improving Resilience
in European e-Communication Networks" organised by ENISA on November
2008 , analyses the
characteristics of those technologies and highlights their effect
on the resilience of the network. It was found that each of these
technologies have properties that can improve both the resilience
and security of the Internet.

Potential users, however, must also understand how exactly these
technologies can be applied and what their limitations are before
utilizing them. An overview of the characteristics of IPv6, DNSSEC,
and MPLS is given, and theresilience assisting features, as well
as other properties that one has toaware of to make an educated
decision about their deployment are enumerated. Furthermore, a
number of deployment scenarios for the technologies are presented
where the effect if their resilience enhancing features is emphasised.

For more information and feedback please contact the ENISA Security
Tools and Architectures section at: sta at

kind regards,

Dr. Panagiotis TRIMINTZIOS
ENISA - European Network and Information Security Agency

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