Invitation to DNSSEC and IPv6 workshop 20th October

Patrik Wallstrom pawal at
Wed Sep 10 05:11:00 EDT 2008

Dear All!

I would like to invite you to our DNSSEC and IPv6 workshop 20th October.

.SE has now had several years of DNSSEC experience, and we feel that  
it is now time to speed up development of new tools and deployment of  
DNSSEC among other TLDs and registrars and nameserver operators.

We would like to offer our colleagues who are thinking of DNSSEC  
deployment an unique opportunity to learn more from .SE's experience.  
Our ambition is to give an indepth inside of our deployment with help  
of our registrars, ISP and other stakeholders.

Furthermore we will have some very interesting presentations and  
testresults regarding IPv6.

I would be very honoured if you could come to "sunny Sockholm" and  

Best regards,

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