[dnssec-deployment] meeting announcement: 18 June 2008

Mats.Dufberg at teliasonera.com Mats.Dufberg at teliasonera.com
Tue Jun 10 15:49:35 EDT 2008

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> also, given that steve and others have said that the big 
> problem with DLV
> is that ISC is a poor choice to manage its registry, has any 
> thought been
> given to who would be a better choice?  i'd like to move out 
> of the planning
> and discussion phase and into execution.  DLV is now several 
> years old and
> the lack of support for it from within the dnssec-deployment@ 
> community has
> caused some members of the larger community to adopt a 
> wait-and-see attitude.

As a big DNS resolver operator in Sweden, I rather see RFC 5011 being
implemented. Since a year ago we (TeliaSonera) run our resolvers for
customers DNSsec enabled for .SE (just that as trust anchor). My goal is
to have our resolvers RFC 5011 ready by next new year when .SE will do
their next KSK change. I've asked the .SE Registry to upgrade their
system to be RFC 5011 ready at the same time.

The next step will be to ask other DNSsec upgraded TLD's to support RFC
5011, and add them one by one.

I'm convinced that RFC 5011 can make the difference for the DNSsec
deployment in the world.


Mats Dufberg
BBS P&P VAS/Internet
mats.dufberg at teliasonera.com

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