next meeting on 4 January 2006

James M Galvin galvin at
Sun Dec 18 14:51:59 EST 2005

This is a reminder that our next plenary meeting will be on 
Wednesday, 4 January 2005, at the usual times:

    1200 Los Angeles, San Francisco
    1300 Phoenix
    1300 Salt Lake City
    1500 Washington
    2000 UTC
    2000 London
    2100 Netherlands
    2200 Israel
    0500 Tokyo (the next day)
    0700 Melbourne (the next day)

The draft agenda includes the following:

1. root key rollover requirements - Steve Crocker and Russ Mundy 
are drafting a document for discussion

2. assessing the status of NSEC3/OPT-IN - one of the purposes of 
this group is both to understand the status of activities and 
actions necessary for the success of DNSSEC and to report or make 
visible issues to the larger community (those who are not part of 
the technical groups progressing the work).  NSEC3/OPT-IN is an 
important example of one such activity.

Please plan accordingly.


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