meeting announcement: 7 December 2005

James M Galvin galvin at
Mon Dec 5 17:46:33 EST 2005

This meeting will be held at the usual time of:

    1200 Los Angeles, San Francisco
    1300 Phoenix
    1300 Salt Lake City
    1500 Washington
    2000 UTC
    2000 London
    2100 Netherlands
    2200 Israel
    0500 Tokyo (the next day)
    0700 Melbourne (the next day)

The usual teleconference logistics are as follows.  These do not
change.  You will hear music until the moderator joins.

    USA Toll Free Number: +1 888-221-7341
    USA Toll Number:      +1 973-935-2305

    Passcode: 599786
    Leader:   James Galvin
	      employed by ICANN if speaking to an operator

    Jabber:   dnssec-deployment at
	      This is a public room.

    If your phone does not have a mute capability you can use "*6"
    to mute and unmute your connection.

        1. ISC SIP Bridge - contact me for SIP identifiers


This is our monthly plenary meeting.  There has been an IETF
meeting, an ICANN Meeting, and a DNSSEC workshop held at the ICANN

Anyone present at any of these or other meetings is welcome to
report on activities and actions.  Team leaders for the 'standing
issues' will be asked to provide an update.

Next week, 14 December 2005, we will continue our discussion of
algorithm and code updates.  Please plan your schedule accordingly.

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