meeting announcement: 20 April 2005

James M Galvin galvin at
Tue Apr 19 14:09:39 EDT 2005

This meeting will be held at the usual time of:

    1200 Los Angeles, San Francisco
    1200 Phoenix
    1500 Washington
    1900 UTC
    2100 Netherlands
    2200 Israel
    0400 Tokyo (the next day)
    0500 Melbourne (the next day)

The usual teleconference logistics are as follows.  These do not change.
You will hear music until the moderator joins (that would be me).

    USA Toll Free Number: +1 888-221-7341
    USA Toll Number:      +1 973-935-2305

    Passcode: 599786
    Leader:   James Galvin
	      employed by ICANN if speaking to an operator

    Jabber:   dnssec-deployment at
	      This is a public room.

    If your phone does not have a mute capability you can use "*6" to
    mute and unmute your connection.

        1. ISC SIP Bridge - contact me for SIP identifiers


 -- Smartcards for signing - Jakob Schlyter

    Continuation of discussion from last week.

 -- Key management tools - Olaf Kolkman and Scott Rose

    The tool suite is described here:

 -- Preparation for the RIPE/CENTR Meeting

    We have 45 minutes during the plenary time.  We do not yet know
    which day.  The proposal is to use the time to have a panel
    presenting progress to date.


Regarding Issue 8 from the DNSSEC Deployment Roadmap:

     8. Computational and communication resources required

     Considers operational requirements for additional storage, CPU time
     and communication bandwidth and evaluates the affect these
     additional requirements may have on adoption and use.

 -- Olafur Gudmundsson

Olafur Gudmundsson volunteered to create and maintain a list of metrics
people should collect and use for reporting.  He noted that we needed
metrics for both resolvers and servers (about 3 weeks for completion).

 -- Jaap Akkerhuis

Jaap Akkerhuis noted that NL Netlabs had a simulation of CPU and storage
requirements for DNSSEC.  Jaap agreed to get some material on the NL
Netlabs activities for review (about 4 weeks for completion).

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