May 3 DNSSEC workshop presentations available online

Steven Cheung steven.cheung at
Fri May 14 17:48:28 EDT 2004

Dear Amsterdam DNSSEC workshop participants,

The presentations from the May 3 Amsterdam DNSSEC
workshop are now available on the workshop Webpage:

Please drop me a note if there is any inconsistency or omission.

Also, if you're interested to attend the May 23 DNSSEC workshop
in San Francisco (held in conjunction with NANOG 31), we request
that you register online at

The reservation cut-off date for the Westin Hotel has been extended.
If you have not yet made your hotel reservations, please do so now,
referencing "DNSSEC" for the block of rooms being held.
(See the San Fran workshop Webpage as shown above for more info.)

-- Steven

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