Issue 5 Zone walking

Olaf M. Kolkman olaf at
Wed Dec 22 14:16:28 EST 2004

Sorry folk, this fell between the atlantic crack that is between me and 
Olafur, hence the delay.

I hope this is what we are looking for. Comments and suggestions are 


PS I was talking to a journalist who approached me with something that 
he thought was a DNS hijack. He wants to run a story on DNSSEC as a 
counter meassure and he will talk to me tomorrow.  Anyway, this is the 
thing he came with.

He spoke to a porn-host shop that admitted that they payed a 1000 euro 
to get about a million http transactions rerouted to their sites (often 
with spam). The journalist believed that this was accomplished with DNS 
spoofing. I think he is not correct and that we are dealing with virus 
bots. I hope I can be convinced about the contrary because this seems an 
interesting black hat use case. I will try to find out more, anybody 
here knows more about this kind of fraud?
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