[dnssec-deployment] meeting announcement: 3 December 2004

James M Galvin galvin at elistx.com
Thu Dec 2 16:14:56 EST 2004

This meeting will be held at the special time of:

    0915 Los Angeles, San Francisco
    1015 Phoenix
    1215 Washington
    1715 UTC
    1815 Netherlands
    1915 Israel
    0215 Tokyo (the next day)
    0415 Melbourne (the next day)

    (* don't see your timezone listed?  let me know and I'll add it. *)

For those physically present the meeting will be held in Meeting Room
2.63, at the convention center in Cape Town, South Africa, where the
ICANN meetings are taking place.  Local attendees will find sandwiches
and refreshments available.

The SIP bridge at ISC will be available.  The logistics are the same as
they have always been.  If you need them let me know and I'll get them
to you right away.

The teleconference logistics are as follows.

    USA Toll Free Number: +1 888-381-5777
    USA Toll Number:      +1 212-287-1621

    PASSCODE: 9155665

      1. ISC SIP Bridge - contact me for SIP identifiers
      2. Steve Crocker in Meeting Room 2.63: +27-21-4105161


  -- There are 13 issues from the DNSSEC Roadmap that could adversely
     effect the deployment of DNSSEC.  We have gone through the first 8
     so far; we will pickup with the remaining 5.

     There will be a discussion of each item and each will be assigned
     to someone to take the lead on answering the following questions
     for it:

       a. What is it? What is its status - how thoroughly is it

       b. How will we know when the issue is resolved?

       c. What is the first action for the issue?

    Here are the 13 issues.

      1.  Root key generation and use
      2.  Timing of signing the root zone and/or management of islands
          of trust
      3.  Root key rollover and distribution
      4.  Trust anchor key rollover and distribution
      5.  Zone walking
      6.  Last hop
      7.  End system and application requirements
      8.  End system and application policies
      9.  Name server policies
      10. Computational and communication resources required
      11. Additional zone operator resource requirements
      12. Business case for signing zones
      13. Inter-organizational (parent/child) relationship and policy

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